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(American) Idle Conversation

Let me throw a couple of pitching lines at you:

  • A: 8-7, with 77 strikeouts versus 20 walks in 107 innings.
  • B: 8-6, with 95 strikeouts versus 38 walks in 128 innings.
Pretty comparable, no?
Not at the pay window: B is CC Sabathia, whom the Yankees bagged for $161 million in the offseason’ biggest free-agent pitcher signing.
A is the guy Sabathia technically replaced in the New York rotation, the guy they already had. Carl Pavano.
Throw in the fact Sabathia is pitching with the powerful Yankees behind him, while Pavano works for the AL’s poorest team, the Indians.
I don’t have a point. Draw your own conclusion. I’m just throwing it out there, for Idle conversation (get it?).