You get the full nickel’s worth this morning …

At some point, reaction to the steady, endless flow of steroids revelations goes from disillusionment, dismay and disappointment to downright anger.
We’re at that point.
How dare these punks mess with our game? And I’m including the spineless GMs who keep signing suspected cheats, those Pavlovian ESPN directors who keep feeding endless reels of home runs, even the chicks who love the long ball.
Mess with the game? Darn right. We’re deep enough into the steroids era for the ‘Roid Rats to have set their own legacy — and it’s dark.
Here’s a couple of ways they have taken a crayon to baseball’s masterpiece of significant accomplishments:
  • More than half (14 of 26) of the MVP winners since 1996 either tested positive for steroids (Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, Jason Giambi, etc.), were self-confessed users (Ken Caminiti) or have been strongly implicated by a variety of sources (Miguel Tejada, Sammy Sosa, etc.).
  • Of the 12 top career home-run hitters, five have links to performance enhancers.
Asterisk? How about erasers? Out with them.


  1. keng123

    Enough already. The fans dont care, but the holier then though sportswriters cant leave it alone. We need to view the era of late 90s and early 2000s as the steroid era, just like they had the dead ball era, the spit ball era, the ww ii era, and the juiced BALL era (yes, MLB juiced the BALL to produce more HRs in the past).
    While im not thrilled about the news, its 6 years old, and baseball now has the best testing standards in team sports. When Arod played for Texas, he was facing JUICED PITCHERS as well.
    i am so sick of these elitist, wanna-be-athletes-but cant sportswriters sitting atop their perch of perfection to cast judgements on baseball players . At the same time they disparage Arod, they embrace those who have been either guilty or accused of capital crimes such as rape and murder. Where is the logic in that?
    Arod is and shall remain the greatest player in the game today and likely of all time. I laugh at the elitest writers who talk about his hall of fame prospects…. Lets be realistic
    he will be up for election first time 15 years from now, and last year 30 years from now. Which of these writers will be voting then, or even be alive?? And then again who knows if they havent improved voting rules by then and have a better process then having elitists writers decide.

  2. tom_s

    Keng – “Enough already”? That’s exactly what I said, no? If fans don’t care, why were they serenading Jose Canseco with “Ste-roids” chants as early as the ’80s? As for writers being elitist, by that if you mean people who take seriously their assigned role to expose the dirt others wish to sweep under the rug and to advocate honesty and decency– well, you’re correct.
    — Tom

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