‘The List’ is history

In the aftermath of Alex Rodriguez’s steroids mea culpa, seems everybody wants the other 103 names on the 2003 gotcha list revealed. For the sake of fairness, or to prevent further slow leaks, or whatever.

Here’s what everybody is overlooking: That list is essentially moot. I’m of the firm belief that most of the players who came up positive in the 2003 survey testing are by now out of the game.
The basis for that belief? Sheer numbers, which are quite remarkable when you break them down.
Let’s start with the Mitchell Report: Of the 90 players named in that tome, 72 are outta here; and, don’t forget, Sen. Mitchell’s report was compiled four years after the 2003 testing.
So consider this: Between 2003 and 2007, an amazing number of 499 players in their 20s bowed out of the Major League. Of course, a lot of them were victims of injuries or competition. But there had to be many who were just trying to stay a step ahead of the steroids police.
The retirees in that time span obviously also included several veterans implicated or directly tied to steroids issues: Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Jay Gibbons, Sammy Sosa, Larry Bigbie, Jason Grimsley, Ruben Sierra, Juan Gonzalez, Rafael Palmeiro, David Segui, Todd Hundley and Brad Fullmer.
Add it all up, and A-Rod may be the only one of the Gotcha 104 still active in the bigs. … 
KA-CHING!: Ken Griffey’s contract with the Mariners is pretty creative, but it still doesn’t approach Orlando Hudson’s deal with the Dodgers. If O-Dog hasn’t yet chosen an intro song, might we suggest Pink Floyd’s “Money,” complete with cash register sounds?
After the usual incentives for plate appearances (i.e., $150,000 at 175 and 200 PAs, etc.), he is due to pocket $10,000 for every plate appearance from 576 to 632. That would be a neat $50,000 tip per game. … 

JOSE CONTRERAS: Word is, the White Sox righty has “lost” 40 pounds. Nah, he just gave it to Bartolo Colon. … 

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Good point on the 103 players. I hadn’t thought about that.


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