Yanks better with joysticks than bats

Off the top of my head … 

That video game trumpeted as “the most realistic baseball game” had a worse day than did the Yankees.

A commercial that aired right before first pitch at Yankee Stadium featured a simulation of the Indians-Bombers tilt. Result in the game: Yankees 1-0.
Result on the field: Tribe, 10-2. As Maxwell Smart would say, “Missed it by Thumbnail image for windowslivewriterbusinessideastohelpyourmagazine-b841maxwell-smart2.jpgthat much.” … 
The times, along with the House, have changed: A Yankees alignment of Damon-Gardner-Swisher could rank near the bottom of home runs by MLB outfields . …
But, really,until A-Rod returns and Mark Teixeira starts pretending he’s still in Arlington, there isn’t much power anywhere in that lineup. The Bronx Banjos? …
There might be a legitimate Cy Young Award jinx (struggling Cliff Lee and injured Brandon Webb and Chris Carpenter have been among the last eight winners), but I’d also think twice before accepting an All-Star starting assignment.
Last summer’s starters were Lee and Ben Sheets, who is out of sight while recovering from surgery. The 2006 AL starter– Kenny Rogers — won three games the following season. And the NL’s starter in 2005 was Carpenter. … 
Speaking of Carp, who snapped a rib-cage muscle while batting Tuesday night: Who gets hurt more often, pitchers batting or batters pitching (here, we’re thinking of Jose Canseco, who once threw out his arm throwing knucklers in a mop-up outing for Texas)? … 
Is Nick Swisher in the early running for both the AL MVP and Cy Young awards? …
Early breakout candidate: Ben Francisco, the Cleveland outfielder. …  
Sorry – I’ve reached the bottom of my head. … 

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What a strange and wild the Yankees have been so far. The rest of the season will be a wild ride!


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