Rox of Ages

Off the top of my head …

Clint Hurdle: Perfect example of having worn out your welcome.
Hurdle is a terrific baseball man but, after 6 1/2 years, the Rockies had begun to simply tune him out. Jim Tracy’s impact on their takeoff goes beyond the new-face syndrome. His personnel changes (Ian Stewart for Garret Atkins at third being the most dramatic) have had a direct bearing on the Rox playing at breakneck speed. …
A.J. Hinch: Would Arizona GM Josh Byrnes like a Mulligan?
Hinch is another terrific baseball man, but the Colorado experience spotlights the folly of turning your team over to someone without any managerial experience.
The Rockies were 18-28 when Tracy took over on May 29, and have gone 19-5 since.
The D-backs, 12-17 when Hinch replaced Bob Melvin on May 8, went 11-13 in their first 24 games under their former vice president of player devdelopment, and overall are 17-24 since. …
Dodgers: Catch them if you can (hint: don’t bother).
Colorado’s 17-1 spurt makes them look even better that it does the Rockies. The Rox were 14 games behind when they took off. They’re still 9 games behind.
Do you realize that at that rate, Colorado would need to go 51-3 to overtake  Joe Torre’s crew? Ridiculous. … 
Tom Glavine: The only suit he’ll be getting into is one that goes with a necktie.
Good. The idea of him filing a grievance against the Braves for releasing him for “financial reasons” rubbed me the wrong way.
Let me get that straight: It’s okay for players to make moves for “financial reasons” — as dozens of them do every offseason as free agents — but not for teams? … 
Jason Marquis: Steve Carlton can rest easy.
The Rockies’ revival means Marquis won’t threaten Lefty’s legend for doing the most on the least  — as reflected by his 27-10 record in 1972 for the Phillies, who were 32-87 in their other games.
Marquis was on his way with a 7-3 record at a time the Rockies stood 19-28. Now that they’re 37-33, his 9-4 ledger, while obviously still excellent, just doesn’t stand out as much. … 
Sorry, I reached the bottom of my head … Later (or sooner next time) …

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