Gordon could Flash back soon

Tom Gordon’s next opportunity to salvage something from a frustrating season may be only a few days away.
The 41-year-old reliever, a veteran in his 22nd Major League season who had 97 wins before the Diamondbacks even played their first game, had a sharp rehab outing Friday night in Reno.
As relayed by Arizona manager A.J. Hinch, Gordon threw 13 pitches in a scoreless inning, eight of them for strikes.
Gordon is scheduled to pitch again Sunday. Depending on how his stuff looks that day, and how he feels afterwards, Gordon’s next appearance could be with the D-backs.
According to Hinch, the right-hander would need two down days following the Sunday outing, making him available by Wednesday.
Signed as a free agent a week before the start of Spring Training, Gordon completed his comeback from offseason elbow surgery by the end of April. But after three appearances totaling 1 2/3 innings, he returned to the disabled list on May 4 with a strained left hamstring.
That put him on another long comeback trail, the end of which is in sight.
Gordon has amassed 138 wins and 159 saves in his career.
Of the 59 pitchers in history with 159-plus saves, only three had more wins: ’60s guys Lindy McDaniel (141) and Hoyt Wilhelm (143), and Dennis Eckersley (197).
Wilhelm and Eckersley are both in the Hall of Fame.


Tom Gordon – there’s a name from the past.


i remember that his 07 topps card is messed up with a different team on both sides. man if he came back and pitched half as good as on his prime the dbacks bullpen would rock

There’s a saying, better late then never. Unfortunately I think this may be a case where the saying doesn’t hold. A healthy tom gordon could have been huge a couple months ago when the bullpen was blowing games on a daily basis, but at this point even if Gordon returned to the form he had during his prime they are so far out it likely wouldn’t make a difference. The team has already begun trading away their top players and making moves with next year in mind (such as giving Scherzer extra rest after the all star break when he always gives you a much better chance to win then Petit does), giving gordon time in the bullpen at this point just takes away time from their young arms who are still trying to get experience and establish themselves, his return actually seems counter productive. Well I still wish him the best none the less. If he comes back and has an era in the 4s he’d still be a huge upgrade to the d-backs horrendous bullpen.

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