Feliz’ corner REALLY getting hot

How do you think Pedro Feliz’ weekend is going?
The Phillies have until Monday to decide whether to pick up the third baseman’s 2010 option for $5 million — or waive it for $500,000. Now, there’s a lot of such hand-wringing going on these days, when those D-Dates buried in contracts come calling. And, sure, whatever side Feliz’ coin lands on, he won’t be holding out his hat on a downtown corner.
Still … the stark way in which Phillies GM Ruben Amaro Jr. discussed his options had to make you think.
Amaro: “He had a solid year for us. I like the man personally. He’s a great person and a great teammate, but I also believe in trying to improve, and sometimes change can be for the better. It doesn’t necessarily mean we’re going to, but it’s just something that we’re thinking about.” 
Tough game, tougher business. Being placed on public trial like that.
What do I mean? Well, just imagine yourself as the “He” in the above quote, from your boss, telling the world he will replace you if he can find someone to do the job better.
How does that feel? … 
Filing for free agency will be a mere formality for several players who have either already announced plans to retire, or are strongly leaning in that direction: Aaron Boone, Paul Byrd, Randy Johnson, Jarrod Washburn, Jason Schmidt, Troy Percival and Eddie Guardado. … 
In case you were wondering, Cliff Lee’s postseason batting average (.273) was nearly double his postseason ERA (1.56). … 
Admit it, all you worrywarts — the weather for the extended postseason was overall way better than you expected it to be. Not tropical by any means, but right through World Series Game 6 on Nov. 4, quite decent. Jack Frost essentially was a no-show at The Show. … 
Yes, going by Amaro’s quote above — the offseason is already off to a colder start than the postseason. … 

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