A Buccaneer-full

About the only one who had a worse Sunday than Daniel McCutchen was yours truly.
I covered the Pirates’ game against the D-backs in Chase Field and, while working simultaneously on a couple of pre-game items, pretty much butchered a short on Delwyn Young making his first Major League appearance at third base.
Among these original sins (before they were corrected), I placed Aki Iwamura on the Bucs roster a year prematurely (essentially dealing for him from Tampa Bay a year before the real GM, Neal Huntington, did) and cast Andy LaRoche as a first baseman.
I had more egg on my face than a guy having a really hard time in an egg-catching contest.
All the Bucs fans who blasted and lampooned my reportorial skills on the Pirates were right-on.
Mea culpa, and apologies Pirates Nation.
The worst part about the warranted criticism of my Bucs boners?
Contrary to the perception, I know and dearly love the Bucs. My baseball DNA includes having been the biggest Pirate fan on the planet during the years I was growing up in Pittsburgh. I felt like I slighted my own baseball heritage.
Daniel McCutchen will get over it. Maybe I will, too.

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