Rangers: Going back-to-back for more?

Approaching and experiencing the 2011 World Series, there was much talk about the Rangers being on the spot to avoid becoming the first AL team in nearly a half-century to lose consecutive Fall Classics.

Then, when they did … we seemed to change the channel. No follow-ups.

We’ll fill in that blank (and, hopefully, not add to the post-Thanksgiving indigestion of Arlington fans):

  • Texas is only the 10th team ever to lose back-to-back Fall Classics.
  • Of the previous nine clubs, seven didn’t even make the following postseason (but, full disclosure: six of those instances occurred prior to 1969 and divisions, when you had to win pennants and directly went to the Series).
  • Only one team stayed the course the ensuing season, returned to the World Series and won it: The 1923 Yankees, who exacted revenge over the Giants after losing the 1921-22 Classics to them.

Having to flash all the way back to the Roaring ’20s isn’t very encouraging for the Rangers and their fans, is it?

More recently, after losing the 1991-92 Series, the ’93 Braves did return with a 104-win season (and a six-game NLCS loss to the Phillies.

The two double-Classic losers prior to that, however, couldn’t even manage a winning record the following season: The 1979 Dodgers were 79-83, the 1965 Yankees 77-85.

If Ron Washington wanted to present his guys a worthwhile carrot — there it is.

It beats simply wanting to avoid becoming the first team to drop three straight Series in a century: The 1907-09 Tigers and 1911-1913 Giants were the only ones to manage that trifecta.

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