Cue Black Eyed Peas … “Let’s Get It Started…”

Trades of baseball players have nothing on trades of baseball beat writers. Theirs come with “a player to be named later.” Ours came with “beat writers named earlier.”

Two weeks ago came word that your Jenifer Langosch would transition into’s reporter for the St. Louis Cardinals, and that I would (try to) replace her on the Pirates beat.

Today, it officially goes down.

Okay, this is not the countdown that you’ve been waiting to hit zero. That one still has 23 days to go until pitchers & catchers.

But personally I’m stoked that this day is finally here. The enthusiasm I had for this assignment two weeks ago has only mushroomed in the interim, thanks to the words of welcome and let’s-get-it-started from so many of you.

I felt this would be a rewarding gig, in a dynamic place. Your reactions only confirmed that suspicion.

I’m going to get to know this team inside and out, upside and down, thick and thin.

I’ll report everything about the Bucs and the Pirates players, keeping you abreast of them and really making you feel like a part of them.

I won’t only be your eyes. I’ll be your ears, too: Got something on your mind, let’s hear it. The lines of communication are open.

But you should know that I’m from the glass-is-half-full school. I’d much rather toast someone, than make him toast.

That does not make me an apologist: If there is bad news or a discouraging side, I’ll know it and through me you will, too. But I’m not going out of my way searching for the negative. Sometimes, the positive is so much harder to find, but so much more rewarding to do so.

Spring is a wonderful time. Neither the grass nor impressions have yet taken root. The canvas is blank. There is no reason to not think anyone can be a winner, no reason to not like anyone.

Forget the seat belts. It’s not going to be a bumpy ride at all. Hop aboard.


glad to have ya back, looking forward to your work.

Welcome aboard Tom…..From the snow capital of the USA…..Syracuse NY

i just hope i can live up to my name!!!!!

As one of many transplanted PA natives, I have to follow my Bucs via the internet. I look forward to your insights and stories as we seek a winning baseball team in Pittsburgh. Great baseball lies ahead! Welcome!

Wishing you the best and hoping (assuming) that you will be the same reliable information source as your predecessor. “Glass half full” is a good thing, but we’ve been watching bad baseball for 20 years and will figure out pretty quickly if you’re parroting (pun intended) the party line and blowing smoke at us. Stick to the facts and give us your honest opinions, and we’ll get along just fine. Welcome aboard and welcome to the land of the eternally damned.

Tom, would like to see your breakdown of the Pirates winter activity. What were the good moves, the bad moves? Are the Pirates coming into spring training a better team than last year?

Hi Tom! I’m looking forward to what you’re bringing to the Pittsburgh blog. I read into some of your old articles and noticed you’re a baseball traditionalists moreso than a sabrmetricicts! I’ll enjoy this, especially bringing the idea of the golden age of baseball to the modern game.

I hope this is what you’re bringing at least. That would be an amazing writer! ha!

As a Pirates fan, I’m obligated to keep one and a half eyes on the minor leagues. I know something that fellow Bucco blogger Kristy Robinson does is to make sure to make it to the minor league games. Do you intend on doing the same during your time in Pittsburgh?

I would definitely detour to the Minors to check in on significant developments — Gerrit Cole tearing it up? — but otherwise won’t be able to make it part of my regular routine. As for sabermetrics — I’ll drop an occasional OPS, but I’ll go to war over WAR.

Tom –

I am reminded once again in reading your work and realizing you are “on the team” that there is a God and that he truly loves us and wants even Pirate fans to occasionally have something to smile or at least sigh contentedly over (As I did with your Clemente piece below)


Tim Olmstead
Newberg OR

Your blog title is a line from “Taxi Driver.” Nicely done.

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