High camp, lowdown, Feb. 22: Getting 2 know U.

Two days before the official reporting date, all but three Pirates players are in camp. Everyone but Gorkys Hernandez, Anderson Hernandez and Gustavo Nunez. This is a great sign, considering the opportunity for returning players and the 17 new players in camp to get to know each other. … 

Alex Presley reminds me a lot of Chad Curtis, the former Angels-Yankees outfielder who always seemed ready to run through a wall. Physically, that is — although those who have already seen him play a lot more than I have say he is also a play-alike. …

Yes, that black-and-gold tote on my shoulder is a souveinr from the All-Star Game in Pittsburgh — the 1974 All-Star Game, at Three Rivers Stadium. …

What is it with the Bucs and the name-game? As if having seven of the total of 18 McNames in the Majors weren’t enough — Hurdle and Barmes are two only two Clints currently in the Majors and, as often pointed out already, Andrew and Daniel are the only two players named McCutchen in big-league history. …

Today’s Quote of the Day:

  • “One may walk over the highest mountain one step at a time.”

Bonus QOTD (courtesy Clint Hurdle):

  • “If you aim for nothing, you’re going to hit it every time.”

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