A.J. back in the jungle

A.J. Burnett back in camp wearing a black eye, but not a patch over it. Guess that would be just too appropriate …

Bucs are getting two key members back from the waiting room. Neil Walker has been cleared to resume play and will bat cleanup against the Rays on Sunday. Charlie Morton is down for two innings on Monday, when the Phillies visit McKechnie. … 

Pirates looking forward to saying hello to former mate Ryan Doumit are disappointed. He did not make the trip with the Twins for today’s exhibition. …

When the Pirates send you to Minor League camp, they also
‘demote’ your uniform number? Gerrit Cole, No. 75 while training with the big boys, is wearing No. 81 at Pirate City. … 

Does Shairon Martis get a choice on Monday? The Pirates are playing the Netherlands as part of the International Baseball Tournament in St. Petersburg. Martis, thew non-roster righty who picked up the win over the Red Sox on Friday night, is a Curacao native and a former member of the Netherlands’ national team. …

Quote of the day:

“I don’t do Facebook. I don’t do Twitter. I’m a grown-up.” (A.J. Burnett)


Tom , was wondering if you got a chance to see the “B” game yesterday , My understanding that Jose JUMBO Diaz was going to pitch some . Just curious how he did . Saw him pitch twice so far and he looked pretty good . Pretty unique player .

I liked Burnett’s quote. I hope he stcks to it and others follow his lead; it’s the best way to stay out of trouble. Is he still 8-12 weeks out or is his return to camp a chance for him to ome bck sooner? Also, you are right about Marte’s speed; he had a run scoring triple yesterday. We really do have a lot of talent in camp this year.

John C

compared to 4 years ago, its night and day.

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