D. Cabrera: Stick with Bucs in Minors?

Manager Clint Hurdle declined to comment on MLB’s recent decision to hold off on expanding use of instant replay in 2012. “I’ll share my thoughts with the people who can do something about the thoughts, and that’s where I have to keep them,” Hurdle told reporters.

The relevance is that the memorable (forgettable?) Jerry Meals call had a lot to do with raising a new chorus for the use of replay beyond determining home-run calls. … 

Daniel Cabrera finally made it to the mound and put a zero up against the Twins. Too little, too late? Not for the former Orioles righty to claim a place in the Pirates organization. But he’ll have to decide whether to accept a Minor League assignment, or try his luck with another organization.

Hurdle on Cabrera, who’d been out this spring with forearm tightness and missed al of last season recovering from Tommy John elbow surgery: “You want to be optimistic, but have to be realistic. We knew it was a longshot. We like having him in the organization, we’ll just have to see how it plays out. He’s had success in the big leagues and the arm is still alive. There’s more there than what we’ve seen so far. He’s got a presence; he lets it fly.” … 

Juan Cruz, another non-roster righty, has a far better chance of not only sticking, but landing a very important role in thew bullpen. The staff loves his experience, assortment of pitches and nerve.

“He still has velocity and movement,” Hurdle said of the reliever. “He’s got two put-away pitches, the fastball and can spin a change up there. He’s got the confidence to throw breaking stuff behind in the count.” … 

Let’s compare apples and oranges: Bucs have scored 28 runs in consecutive games. Most runs in back-to-back games last season: 17, June 1-2 (9-3 win and 9-8 loss at the Mets). … 


this has been a good spring, despite our record.

Yes, it has. Game outcomes will start to mean more, going forward. Big boys going to get increased playing time.

i feel this way every spring but i think we are on to something this spring. NH is leading us to the promised land. jen bailed and you reap the rewards, good to be you, TS. i am jealous of you sir!

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