P.A.: Stand for Premonition Announcement

Everyone in the house giggled when a P.A. announcement in the first inning cautioned fans of the chance the game in Bright House Network Field ending in a tie, due to the availability of pitchers. Then the Pirates plated four in the eighth to make it 4-4, where it still stood with two outs in the bottom of the ninth, and no one was snickering at the P.A. announcer any more. That was before Scott Podsednik had the last laugh with his trot-off blow against Daniel Moskos. … 

The parlay most fans around the nation have a hard time wrapping their minds around: The Bucs make an early cut of Sterling Marte, even though he was killing it in Grapefruit play, yet at the same time pledge allegiance to Pedro Alvarez, who is getting killed.

My take: Immense props to Neal Huntington, who knows he is not making the easy calls, the decisions that would be popular, reflect fans’ sentiments and earn him brownie points. Thus, he must be convinced the moves he is making will prove to be the right ones. Everyone else will just have to wait and let it play out. … 

Know how you can tell a baseball player in the Florida Spring Break crowd? He is the one with the pasty skin. Or, at most, the farmer’s tan. They are here to work on fundamentals, not a tan. … 

Let’s hope this is what Spring Training is for: The Bucs know they will have to win with fundamentals and small ball — but have committed 29 errors, allowed 17 unearned runs and been caught stealing 10 times.

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tom, maybe you could get frank coonelly to answer some questions for me? if he can skip a happy hour or two.

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