McLouth breaks into lineup

Nate McLouth, easily the most multitasking outfielder in the Majors, is getting his first start of the season tonight, replacing Jose Tabata in right field against the Dodgers and right-hander Chad Billingsley.

McLouth enters the game with only one at-bat off the bench, but manager Clint Hurdle’s commitment to keep his reserves fresh made it inevitable that he would soon break into the starting lineup.

“McLouth has to play also. He’s a guy who can flex against Billingsley,” Hurdle said. “It gave Tabata chance to come out and get in some work early.”

McLouth enters the game lifetime 4-for-13 off Billingsley.

“I know my job is to be ready when I’m called on,” McLouth said.

The once-again Pirate is not only the team’s fourth outfielder, but also its fifth and sixth outfielder. Although Josh Harrison and Yamaico Navarro could both be used in a corner in a pinch, the Bucs unusually are carrying only four outfielders.

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I want to continue to read your blog. Last summer was my first visit to PNC Park and I and wife with our Pittsburgh friends of 40 years, it all began in the Army, thoroughly had.a.great time. Lunch at one of downtown restaurants.
Where else is u r blog published on web? Just after MLB Pirate summary?
A.J. Burnett update soon? Thanks. Bernie from West Michigan.

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