McCutchen’s smile and bat are both back

Been a while since I’d seen Andrew McCutchen smile. The smile was back early Tuesday afternoon, as McCutchen looked forward to a productive return to the Bucs lineup.

He has played only 13 innings in a week, since coming down with a nasty stomach flu. He wishes he hadn’t played even that much.

Given Sunday off by manager Clint Hurdle and Monday by the Pirates’ schedule has made all the difference.

“Yeah, definitely. That was some well-needed time off,” McCutchen told me. “I felt good today, woke up feeling really good. So I feel like my normal self, ready to go out and start playing again.”

Normal is good. Andrew was back in his customary No. 3 spot in the lineup — but his lineup neighbors are different. Pedro Alvarez has moved in behind him in the cleanup spot, and Neil Walker is now in front of him in the two-hole.

“I lost a little weight, but I’m slowly putting it back on,” McCutchen added. “I got my appetite back, so I’ll be able to put it back quick.”

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4-4 and a couple of homers now. He’s set to light it up. If Walker and Alvarez can keep going with Cutch, we’ll be headed for .500 soon.

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