McLouth love-affair never had chance to bloom

The Pirates’ decision — unavoidable as it was – to designate Nate McLouth for assignment is easily the most depressing point of this season.

McLouth’s return to Pittsburgh, which he’d left leaving a track of tears upon his deal to Atlanta three years ago, had all the elements of a triumphant homecoming. Before the season, even before Spring Training, fans rejoiced over his return. Had he been able to fulfill his role as a busy fourth outfielder, McLouth could’ve been bigger in this town than any Pirates player, starters included.

But the love never had a chance to bloom. Nate hadn’t had a hit since May 6, 22 at-bats ago, and came up absolutely blank in his prime job of pinch-hitting (0-for-13).

He leaves with an average of .140, with two RBIs in 57 at-bats.

He is an extremely likable individual who should be well short of the finish line at the age of 30. Perhaps a change of scenery will be good for him. A return to old scenery certainly was not.


miami picks him up imo..

Hey Tom,

Just a small pet peeve of mine, but I noticed you started a recent article saying that somebody “could care less”. The “not” that you left out there is an important part of the phrase. For some reason, that’s how most people say it these days, but, to me, it looks particularly odd in print. If he could care less, it means he does care.

Right you are … Odd thing is, I usually have the exact same reaction to that usage when somebody else does it — and fell into it myself. Language lemming!

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