Pirates, frequent bugs, ready to be the windshield

Baseball guys are always saying that yesterday doesn’t matter, only today counts. That the most important game of the season is the one you play today. Cliche 101. But in the case of the Pirates, it’s the gospel truth.

Nothing that has transpired this season means anything next to what happens next. Napoleon has his Waterloo. The Bucs have their Milwaukee, which is where they’re off next.

Well, hopefully they won’t be off, the way they have been in Miller Park for years. Had they never bothered even showing up for the last 46 games, they would have only four fewer wins than they actually have. 

So you’d think they would sneak into Wisconsin, eyes on the ground. But, no — the Bucs are ready to kick in the front door, planning to be the worst thing that could happen to Milwaukee other than the return of Prohibition.

His club’s past troubles in Milwaukee is “why I can’t wait to get there. It’s time we did well,” Clint Hurdle says.

“You need to be persistent when you’re trying to change what you’ve done historically. You can’t back away, you have to look right after it. I’m looking forward to it,” added the manager.

Two huge difference for this return — well, three, if you count the ’12 model James McDonald, who goes Sunday, and good luck to anyone trying to deal with him these days.

One, the Pirates are at .500. Discounting one early-season stop (in 2009), the Pirates haven’t visited Milwaukee without a losing record this century. Last time: June 25, 1999.

Two, there are a lot of new faces on the team not aware that the Bucs winning in Wisconsin is against state law.

“There’s a lot of new guys in this clubhouse, and some young guys,” says Neil Walker. “I think we’re going to have some memory loss with how things have gone there.”

Heck, losing your memory is a lot better than losing 42 of 46 games.


tom any idea who we draft?

Some teams have other teams numbers no matter what sport. Milwaukee seems to have Pittsburgh’s but it was t like that when the Brewers first came to the NL. It’s time to take it back but you can’t go to Miller Park and not hit. The Brewers are going to score runs…the Bucco’s have to get the bats out. Break it open guys and people will start believing. The Brewers can be beat!!! Let’s Go Bucco’s!

Plus, and a big plus this could be, The Prince is gone! Now if only they can muzzle and hogtie Mr. Braun.

2 out of 3 in Miller Park – let’s take that to the bank, anytime! Plus, 15 runs in 3 games up there- perhaps the offense is starting to heat up! Let’s hope!

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