Karstens on tap … but when? Maybe today.

Ah, let the speculation begin.

Jeff Karstens’ plans changed dramatically Sunday morning. He was supposed to be in Indianapolis, to make a final rehab start. But that was a scratch, and Clint Hurdle has just confirmed that the righty will definitely rejoin the rotation and start on the upcoming roadtrip.

When, and in whose place, is the big question. Although, it probably is not coincidental that Karstens is on the same throwing schedule as Kevin Correia, who is slated to start today’s game against Detroit.

“Slated” is the operative word there. Some believe that the behind-the-scenes machinations may be over in time for Karstens to actually start today. That would still permit him to make another start on the upcoming trip to Philadelphia and St. Louis.

Karstens has been on the DL since mid-April, originally with shoulder inflammation, and more recemtly with a slight hip flexor strain. 

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I am glad Karstens has returned. When I saw him at Pirate fest, I thanked him for helping us to get as far as we did last year. He was one of our best prior to the melt down. I thought he would have a great season this year but the injuries got to him early. I was hoping that wasn’t the start of the myriad of injuries we had last year. Thankfully, it wasn’t. If he is healthy, I have confidence that he will help us the second half. However, if he isn’t, it is good to know thatt we have some up and coming prospects in the system. John

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