On The Hill Will goes Off The Wall

While in Clint Hurdle’s office yesterday morning, I leaned back against a wall and knocked a framed picture of Willie Stargell off its hooks.

Looks of horror all around. Greg Brown immediately referenced “Jinx!” for which he was promptly chastised by Hurdle for “always the glass is half full” perspective.

Some others in the room later tweeted about it, kindly leaving my identity out of it “to spare you from the abuse if you hexed the Bucs.”

Not necessary. Immediately when it happened, I considered it an act of karma. Heavenly sign confirming the return of The Lumber Company.

Sure enough, a few hours later, the Pirates took over sole possession of first place in the NL Central.

Thanks, Willie. Hope you’re enjoying the view from up there. Anything else you’d like to channel through me, I’m available.


Love it! Thanks Tom, we need a little refreshing “reminder” from Wilver every now and then. If it hit you over the head…well, that might be another story!

Excellent work. If Willie’s on our side, nothing can go wrong now!

hey smitty

amen brudda amen.

great to have Pops pop in

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