On the Barajas-Burnett Watch

When A.J. Burnett was approached in the Pirates’ locker room and asked about his National League Player of the Week Award, he nodded a couple lockers to his left.

“They should give it to Rod Barajas. He’s the reason, he should get Player of the Week,” Burnett said.

“All I know,” Barajas said, “is when I was catching Curt Schilling (with Arizona in 2000-03) and he was named Player of the Week, he gave me a watch.”

“He gave you a lousy watch because he didn’t need it,” Burnett came back. “He thought, ‘What the heck am I gonna do with this $5 watch. I know what — I’ll give it to Barajas.'”

“It’s the thought that counts,” Barajas said.

“We need to quit this heckling,” Burnett said. “People are going to think we like each other.”

Gee, how would anyone get that idea?

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This is funny watching to old guys bicker like lost loves!!!

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