Bucs have a lot of moving pieces

We’ve all played those sliding-tiles puzzle games, where you try to move all the pieces in the right place to complete the picture.

That’s what Clint Hurdle was looking at this morning as he contemplated his roster. His tiles:

  • Jordy Mercer, who definitely is going on paternity leave for the Monday birth of his son, Maverick — but might instead be placed on the DL depending on the medical evaluation of the bruised right forearm he suffered when hit by a pitch Saturday.
  • Jose Tabata, who returned from Indianapolis and is in he clubhouse this morning — but hadn’t yet been formally recalled, pending others’ status.
  • Starling Marte, whose torso was heavily bandaged after he’d left Saturday’s game with right-side discomfort; definitely out today, maybe longer, again pending medical evaluations.
  • Chad Qualls, the reliever who is due back from the bereavement list on Monday and is expected to meet the club in San Diego.

“We’re working through some medical issues with two players and we got him here in case one of those is deemed unable to perform and might have to go on the DL,” Hurdle said of Tabata. “But we wouldn’t havew him here if we didn’t anticipate the need.”

So, stay tuned for all the pieces to fall in place.

Oh — the rotation has also been tightened up, with Kevin Correia returning to the bullpen. In the six-man setup, Kevin would’ve started the opener in San Diego. Instead, everyone else moves up — Wandy Rodriguez on Monday, A.J. Burnett on Tuesday, James McDonald on Wednesday.

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