It’s been a Bucco Blast

Thank you, Pittsburgh.

As I watch the Bucs play the final innings of a promising season that ends in disappointment, I can’t help reflecting on the past six months with a mixture of awe, satisfaction and more than a little sadness that it’s over.

I’m also watching that beautiful skyline against the yellow of the Roberto Clemente Bridge, a sight I could never tire of and will miss.

So thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful city for an unforgettable summer. Thank you for the rolling green hills. Thank you for the breathtaking drive through the Fort Pitt Tunnel. Thank you, as long as this profession demands so much travel, for the most efficient airport I’ve  ever experienced.

Thank you for everything black and gold. Thank you for making the hair on the back of my neck stand with so many thrilling moments. Thank you for letting me hear your cheers, and for letting me feel your frustrations.

Thank you for all the new memories forged. It has been great.

We must do this again. 2013 can’t come soon enough.


And thank you Tom. Really enjoyed your game articles and your way with words. Seems like you bleed Bucs. One complaint — you need to blog more, just let it go, let it flow. When you did blog, the information was great. I just want more of it!

Roberto Forever!

No question, Tad, the blog fell between the cracks, what with the Twitter stream and the intense online coverage @ Gotta improve the balance next season, no question. And thanks very much for the kind words.

Tom: Have to agree with the above commenter…we need to hear MORE from you. I was hoping for the occasional Mailbag, as I mentioned before, but here in Red Sox Nation the few Pirate fans crave more NL Central news.I hate to see one blog and then not have another for two or three weeks! That said, I know you have a lot on your plate but some of us just don’t use Twitter so we lose your regular comments. Anyway, thanks for what you do and I hope some changes are made in the Bucco FO. We have to get OFF this losing train once and for all. Very best and have a great off season. Barnes

Good Blog Tom and 1st time I’ve read it & a belated warm welcome to the ‘Burg..I’ve been a big critic ,mainly because Jen was top class and missed her reports,but you’re getting there..though please no more words about being “teased” as to what’s to come( last series of season ) as after 2 decades it may surprise you to know that it don’t go down very well…Your blogs pretty good and I’m going to follow you on Twitter..Best Regards and would love to see you as the 1st reporter in 2 decades to cover a winning season….and would love the handicappers to make me eat crow..but 76-86 I fear

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