Bucs shopping for new hitting coach

Gregg Ritchie was the world’s worst hitting coach in April and May. Ritchie was the best hitting coach in June and July.

Today, Ritchie is George Washington University’s head baseball coach.

The “worst” and “best” designations are made tongue in cheek. The first two months of the season, the Bucs hit .218 as a team. The next two months, they led the Majors in scoring. So Ritchie’s reputation was as volatile as the team’s fortunes.

His acceptance of the GWU job had been an open secret for weeks. Now that it’s official, the Bucs join a growing list of Major League teams searching for a new hitting coaches.

Ritchie, 48, was a seven-year member of the Pirates organization and the big-league club’s hitting coach the last two seasons under manager Clint Hurdle.

In the week since the end of the regular season, numerous clubs have dismissed their hitting coaches: Seattle (Chris Chambliss), Kansas City (Kevin Seitzer), Colorado (Carney Lansford) and Philadelphia (Greg Gross).

“Coming back to George Washington brings my career full circle as in many ways this is where it all started for me,” Ritchie said in the statement released by George Washington U.. “I met my wife (Kelly) here at GW, and we both made a lifetime of extraordinary memories going to school and competing in the heart of the nation’s capital. To have this opportunity to coach at my alma mater and play our home games in the premier facility in the conference at Barcroft Park is extremely special.”


Andy Van Slyke for hitting caoch !

Andy Van Slyke for Hitting Coach !!!

The Pirates should try to get a top notch free agent like the Tigers got Fielder. They have to have pep talkers liker Pence did for the Giants. They have to WANT to WIN everyday. They have learn fundamentals. Watch what great ptichers like Verlander do and copy that. Be physically strong. Learn to drive in runs with runners on base. This past season the team did not have skills they should have learned in Little League. Go to Winter Ball. Ptichere need to know how to bunt. Catchers need to know how to throw out runners. Pitchers need to know how to hold runners. Players have to steal more bases and to learn how steal properly. Maury Wills said that you don’t take a lead too far off base. Be able to get back to base so you won’t be picked off. Batters need to study more DVDs. They need better timing of their swings.. If the players don’t wnat to be in Pittsburgh they are welcome to go. We need players who want to give 100% every day. We need catchers and shortstops who can hit. Focus, people.

Knowing what they have to do and actually doing it are 2 different things, of course. For example, everyone wants a Fielder, but not everyone has the $150 million to make it happen. Your to-do list is quite long, but specifically I will point out that the Winter Ball education is definitely something that was explicitly encouraged for all of the young players this offseason.

if cincinnati gives up on mesoraco please pick him up

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