Hey, Big Spender? Bucs No. 13 in FA market

Free agency 2012-13 is still a work in progress, with dozens of players remaining on the board. However, the in-game box score provides some intriguing insights:

  • Thus far, 99 free agents have signed for an aggregate of 1,442,125,000. That leading figure is a billion. Works out to $14,566,919.19 per contract, most of which are long-term. Includes players who had 2013 options picked up by their clubs.
  • Each of the 30 Major League teams has participated in the process. Least active with one signing each have been the Mets, A’s, Brewers, Royals, Nationals and Padres. Most active: The Cubs, with nine (many of the low-profile variety; Edwin Jackson’s $52-million deal accounts for more than half of the total outlay of $90.05 million).
  • The Bucs have been the 13th-biggest spenders, at $36.5 million for Russell Martin, Francisco Liriano, Jason Grilli. Among the teams they have out-spent: Phillies, Cardinals, Rangers and Nationals.

To be continued, obviously. Still, an interesting snapshot.


Why isn’t Francisco Liriano on the 40-man roster yet? He supposedly came to terms with the Pirates before Christmas.

That agreement still isn’t official, since he has not yet undergone his physical. There have been some travel issues trying to get him to Pittsburgh.

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