Bucs: “We Are The World … “

In Pool D play in the fast-approaching World Baseball Classic, five Pirates players will be getting down in Phoenix as national teams from the United States, Canada, Italy and Mexico mix it up.

Punch line: None of the five will be suiting up for the Stars ‘N Stripes.

Per the provisional rosters announced yesterday, Russell Martin, Jameson Taillon and Chris Leroux are on Team Canada, Ali Solis will catch for Mexico and Jason Grilli is back on Team Italy. Other Pirates in the tourney are  Ivan De Jesus (Puerto Rico), Wandy Rodriguez (Dominican Republic) and Stefan Welch (Australia).

The Bucs’ domestic Classic shutout thus continued. They have yet to place a single played on Team USA — although the eight participating this year bring to 25 the total they have had involved in the first three Classics.

In addition to the six countries they are representing this year, Bucs have played for Venezuela, China, Taiwan, Panama and South Africa.

Stirring the melting pot, indeed.


is de jesus really an aussie, i thought he is puerto rican.

Of course he is! That was a mis-type — thanks for catching it and giving me an opportunity to correct.

no problem tom, and may i add you do a fine job. i enjoy your wit.

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