The Sanchez Trap has been set

BRADENTON — I might be in big trouble — and not for betting the farm on the Pirates having a winning 2013 season. (Just kidding — I don’t have a farm; I bet my pension on it.)

What better way to start off this Spring Training than by recalling last Spring Training’s personal, recurring nightmare: As some of you may remember, I developed this nasty mental block about referring to Alex Presley as Alex Sanchez — apparently making me the only one unable to get out of his mind the outfielder who hit six homers in 427 games four four different teams between 2001-2005.

Now here’s the rub: I couldn’t unplug that brain drain, even though the Pirates did not actually have anyone in camp named “Sanchez.”

And now there are three of them: Gaby, Jonathan and Tony.

Heaven help me if comes an exhibition with Jonathan throwing to Tony, while Gaby plays first and Alex is in left field. Odds on me leaving Alex out of the Sanchez quad-fecta are longer than of the Pirates having a winning season.

Dang. I should’ve saved the pension for that bet.


  1. Tim Olmstead


    Ha! You mean I’m not the only one who does stuff like that??? Cute entry. (Not sure if you take the description “cute” as a complement but it was meant as such.)

    Best wishes,

    Tim Olmstead
    Newberg, Oregon

    PS – I think I’m comin’ to see a game or two in April. Will be the first time ever in Buccoville.

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