Pirates make a break for it

The Pirates are breaking camp today. Not Breaking Bad. That’s a different drama entirely … 

So Kevin Correia is Minnesota’s No. 2 starter, and Erik Bedard is No. 5 in Houston. And Jonathan Sanchez is No. 4 in Pittsburgh. Just something to keep an eye on. … 

In case you missed it — the guy who does the power ratings for CBSsports.com ranked the Pirates higher than he did the Yankees. A.J. Burnett’s reaction to that: “That’s good, isn’t it?” …

Many Pirates fans apparently have already concluded that keeping J-San and Brandon  Inge are signs of the Apocalypse. …

Guys like John McDonald, Inge, J. Sanchez could be invaluable if the Bucs are contending out of the gate. If they’re not, they’ll be dead weights and gone by mid-June. 

Not from where I sit: The Brand Keys 2013 Sports Fan Loyalty Index ranks Pirates fans No. 28 among the 30 Major League teams. 


most times people link to stories they write about. does your boss mlb say you can’t?

Why is Miguel Perez listed on the Pirates 40-man roster? See
(he is actually listed twice!).

I noticed a lot of players not actually on the 40-man are listed, with an asterisk, Not certain, but probably reflected those playing in the Altoona exhibition today. Both teams used mixed rosters.

Tom Singer


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I am as optimistic about the Bucs chances as any, but a few games into the season and we still have a few fellows who are still struggling to hit over .100. Our arms look strong (except for Sanchez, who stunk up the Arizona desert yesterday), but our hitting is NIL. What does it take to get a catcher who can throw to 2nd and nab a runner once in a while and hit his weight? Same goes for Alvarez at 3rd … last year he wasn’t hitting .200 and i complained long and loud — now .200 looks like a stretch goal. Are his 30 homers worth that general lack of production?

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