From Zoltan to Zombie

So the Bucs are committed to bringing back the “Z.” We already saw a couple of them being flashed during the recent series with the D-backs in Chase Field.

This is not welcomed news for a lot of you fans, who can’t help associating the pet 2012 symbol of solidarity with the team’s eventual collapse.

Still, spearheaded by several clubhouse leaders — Andrew McCutchen and A.J. Burnett among them — the Bucs are serious about continuing the “Z” tradition.

Fine. But I’ve got an idea for a compromise.

Zoltan, the dude of “Where’s My Car?” fame who was the original inspiration for the sign, is so last year. He had his chance.

Many of the Bucs are ardent followers of shows such as “The Walking Dead.”

So — OK, stay with the “Z”.” But now it stands for “Zombie.”

Bonus point: And the Bucs’ new in-house victory song is “Dead Man’s Party,” by Oingo Bongo. It’s a match made it Undead Heaven.

Have we got a deal?


Awesome choice of music…..Dead Man’s Party would definitely rock the burgh.

Another musical choice if I may…..The band Theory of a Dead Man…I’m sure they have something we could use.

And last but not least a classic pirate tune “Sixteen barrels on a dead man’s chest…yo ho ho and a bottle of rum”

Oh, happy day . . . . a Pirate “W”!

“Not welcome news for a lot of you fans” . . . ? Those who it [the sign of Zoltan] is not welcome news for? They are not fans! Shall we call them faux followers? Fans do not whine and bitch and moan and criticize, criticize, criticize or turn their backs on their team whenever they blah blah blah . . . . fill in the blank of whatever it is that gives some folks a burr in their shorts about the Bucs.

Why don’t we all [me included] keep working at getting real, realize that sports is not life and death, and get it into our heads that what team members [even rich ones] need is encouragement and support, not the incessant dribble of bellyachers that one finds so regularly in the comment sections of news postings about the Pirates. Don’t have anything positive to say??? Try not saying anything. Such a move will brighten everyone’s world!

Ya, so, why not let the players do what they want and why not try joining in and having some fun this year? Oh, and I just listened to Dead Man’s Party and it’s OK.

The zoombies are not the Pirates but the so called supported that nit pick and criticize. Try becoming a Pirates fan.

I don’t have Facebook so I will put it in a comment here about last night’s Pirates game. Umpire Timmins had no right to assume Sanchez was throwing at Craig. A warning under current rules should have sufficed. Cards pitchers were hitting Pirate batters and nothing was said. Moreover Timmins call on Jones was clearly wrong. He was calling strikes that were clearly balls in critical situations. I hope Pirate brass complain to the league office about Timmins’s poor umpiring last night and the league listens. If I were Timmin’s teacher he would have an “F” grade for last night.

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