Big tickets buying big disappointments

I don’t know if you’ve noticed — actually, I’d be surprised if you haven’t noticed — but the early 2013 season has been great for the money-doesn’t-play set.

Not so good for the know-it-alls.

The Dodgers, Angels and Blue Jays spent the offseason and preseason drawings awes. Well, they spent a lot more. They bought up players like survivalists buying canned goods.

The takeaways from their sprees included sympathy for the Astros’ horribly-timed move to the AL West, sarcasm for Arizona’s move toward low-profile grit in the NL West, and the perception the injury-devastated Yankees were conceding in the AL East.

I know it’s early. No one knows “early” better than we in Pittsburgh.

But a look at the six-week pole brings to mind Pittsburgh GM Neal Huntington’s December caveat:

“Markets like us, we’re not going to make the big splash in the offseason. We’re never going to win the back papers and the offseason.”

The Pirates haven’t won anything yet, of course. But at least they’re in the NL Central picture.

Meanwhile, after fighting for headlines and ratings and all that, the Dodgers and the Angels are still fighting — for the dishonor of the Majors’ worst record. On further review, Boston’s marquee players did not go to Los Angeles in that blockbuster — their problems did.

Ditto the Toronto haul that disgraced Miami. The Blue Jays record is right there with that of the Angels and Dodgers. Meanwhile, Joe Girardi is front-runner for AL Manager of the Year for keeping the Sad-Sack Yankees near the top of the East Division.

Hey, the stripped-down Astros and Marlins are as bad as advertised/feared. They’re rebuilding on the cheap. What’s the Angels’, Dodgers’, Blue Jays’ excuse?

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