Reid & Reese: No cryin’ over Ryan

Life is a parade, and sometimes some wonderful stuff passes in front of your reviewing stand.

It all gets recorded on your internal DVR, and the longer you’ve been around, the more often you hit the “Playback” button.

I hit that button again yesterday, when Reid Ryan was named club president of the Houston Astros.

It brought back those wonderful days in the Angels’ clubhouse in the early ’70s. Nolan Ryan was a budding ace, the Ryan Express just pulling out of the station toward all those no-hitters and strikeouts.

Nollie developed a warm relationship with Angels coach Jimmie Reese, an endearing institution in that clubhouse who had been around the game long enough to once having been a roommate of Babe Ruth. They become soul father and soul son.

Countless times, I’d watch Jimmie pal around with young Reid, the Ryans’ first son, born a few months before the first of his eight seasons with the Angels. Through Reid, the relationship between Nolan and Jimmie grew even deeper, quickly reaching the point Nolan, somehow, wanted to keep Jimmie in his life forever.

So when the Ryans’ second son was born, in 1976, they named him Jimmy Reese Ryan.

Life goes on. Reid Ryan becomes the president of a Major League team. And we still see him in a long-gone clubhouse, running circles around the knees of the 70-something Reese, as proud papa Nolan grins from his locker. 

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