Melancon seems “in” with NL All-Stars

Looks like Mark Melancon — originally one of the most glaring omissions from the NL All-Star Team — is being added as the replacement for his own teammate, Jeff Locke.

No formal announcement yet — but Clint Hurdle had an amusing Freudian Slip moment in his pre-game meeting with the media. In discussing the communication between the All-Star manager and team managers of the All-Stars, Hurdle said, “I’ve already had conversations with Bochy about what’s acceptable use for Melancon.” 

The Buccos skipper then quickly backed off from that, making it sound like a generic reference to possible All-Star pitchers.

“If you’re sharp and yo want to be first — go with it … but you want to make sure it’s corrector,” Hurdle said with a twinkle in his eye when it was pointed out what he had inadvertently said.

The posturing is sensible. All-Star team managers deserve the right to make their own announcements regarding roster makeup.

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