Drama queens [and kings] pull for Dodgers

This is an interesting NLCS. Not quite as interesting as it would’ve been with the Pirates in it but, still, intriguing.

The Dodgers have the better players — with that payroll, they should. But the Cardinals have the better team. Invariably, that spells the difference in postseason.

If you don’t know who to root for — if NL Central pride is not enough to make St. Louis your obvious choice — we’ll give you a good reason to pull for the Dodgers. It’s the same reason MLB is doubtless pulling for Don Mattingly’s crew:

A Dodgers win would create a historic World Series with major national appeal — regardless of who emerges from the ALCS, Boston or Detroit.

The Brooklyn-Los Angeles Dodgers have been in 17 World Series — but never against either the Red Sox or the Tigers. [One disclaimer: In 1916, the Brooklyn Robins did lose to the Red Sox, but we’re conveniently overlooking that alias.]

Conversely, the Cardinals met the Tigers in 2006 and the Red Sox in 2004.  

So having the Dodgers in the Fall Classic would ensure something novel.

Having Carl Crawford back in the “toxic” — his word — Boston environment wouldn’t be bad theatre, either. 

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