‘Hey, big spender …’ No, not you Bucs

Through Friday, Major League teams had spent $1,153,000,000 on free agents.

That’s $1.153 Billion.

The Pirates haven’t dropped a penny of that. Makes them one of only five teams [Orioles, Braves, Brewers, D-backs] yet to reach for the checkbook.

I like it.

I’ll pause here to let all you guys who believe in Success Through the Almighty Dollar pop some tranquilizers.

OK, are we good?

This is why I like it:

One, the Bucs aren’t being financial lemmings. That takes a lot more nerve than falling in with the overspending spurred by increased TV revenue — proof being the criticism already heaped on them for “not paying market value.” No matter how crazy that market has gotten?

Two huge exceptions here: Marlon Byrd, whom they should have and would have signed had they known where the market was headed, and Garrett Jones, a valuable team guy who would’ve remained a bargain even as an arbitration guy.

Two, and far more important, Neal Huntington is preparing to flex his muscle in this offseason market: Desired, and tradable, high-end prospects. Those are his chips, and he’s going to push some big ones in the middle of the table.

Everyone else filling needs through free agency is leaving the trade market as the playground of a relatively few. The Pirates will be huge in that arena during the Winter Meetings. 

Forget waiting for the other shoe to drop. Huntington will bring down both of his feet before this is over.


You must be kidding, we’re going cheap with mediocre players that may or may not work out. Ownership is not interested in winning, it’s interested in the almighty buck.
Too bad all this extra money will be going into their pockets and not into the major league team. If you consider Loney or Logan Morrison or Mitch Morland upgrades hats pretty sad. This city deserves someone owning the team that actually cares about the team.
Let me know when Huntington will bring both feet down, can’t wait.

I’d rather see Bucs spend money than trade high end prospects….that is not the way to go.

So how huge were they in trade market during winter meetings? Maybe they laid the groundwork. We shall see.

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