Day 7: Cole Train of thought

Those of you who follow me on Twitter [@Tom_Singer] may recall that a couple of starts into Gerrit Cole’s big-league career, I ran a quickie poll on what his nickname should be. Some of you may have even participated. Cole 45, Cole Slaw, Cole Hand Luke and others got votes.

But the winner was Cole Train, so I went ahead and started calling him that when appropriate. Well, lo and behold, that has taken hold as the youngster’s official nickname.

It has also begun to pop up in posters, license plates and the obligatory tee-shirt.

Hope this one sticks as well as the last nickname for which I was responsible: K-Rod, for Francisco Rodriguez. Although, we hope Cole himself feels better about this one. For whatever reason, Rodriguez was never crazy about that one.

* * *

The Pirates spent a big chunk of Thursday’s workouts on pickoffs and rundowns. Imported to enact the baserunning part where several of their Minor Leaguers. Good experience for them, but also a good way to ensure that, say, Starling Marte doesn’t pull a hammy yo-yoing between first and second.

* * *

Thursday’s temperature at the 1:30 conclusion of the workout: 90 degrees.

Officially warmer than any day during the Bucs’ 2013 Spring Training, remembered for the unusual chill.

We keep hearing that the Bucs have to get off to a hot start, but I don’t think this is what they meant.

* * *

I’m not sure who had the widest smile in Pirate City before and during the workout: Josh Harrison, still beaming over the recent birth of daughter Mia, or Tony Sanchez, in the glow of his Boston College’s basketball upset of No. 1 and undefeated Syracuse the night before.

But I know who had the biggest smile after the workout. Sanchez had a haircut that wiped the smile right off his face.

[T. Sanchez selfie]

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