“Polancolon” — now that’s a major pain

I’m  on my way to the hospital for a colonoscopy but, first, I thought I’d get rid of a bigger pain in the butt.

Yeah, the Polanco article.

All the guys ripping it predictably used their one-way mirrors (along with some choice vulgarities and name-calling; true class).

The piece did not defend the Pirates’ reasons for not promoting him. It just laid them out. Journalistically, just seemed like a good alternative to being another lemming on the bandwagon.

Dropping some names who made it with fewer or even no Triple-A at-bats … Trout, Cabrera, etc. — too easy. For every exceptional player who has made it like that, I can give you three who were rushed up and either were significantly set back or faded into anonymity, unable to recover from early struggles.

As for the “shill” and “hack” bombs … besides doing your own research to learn that my bread is NOT buttered by the Bucs, do hope everyone out there has as successful, respected and productive a career in their field of choosing as I did in mine.

I put that last in past tense because they go in your colon, no telling what comes out.

And now I gotta go — wheeled on the gurney into the OR, and there’s a guy about to put a mask over my nose … says he’s an anesthesiologist … but I think he’s with the pro-Polanco Pirates-basher army … 

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the long term sustainability of this franchise dictates polonco remain in aaa until super 2 has passed.

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