Keeping the faith: Writing Vin Scully’s cue card

The Bucs hosted Faith Night, their most engaging promotion, Thursday. Following the game against the Mets, thousands of fans remained to hear impassioned speeches delivered by, among others, Andrew McCutchen, Mark Melancon and Jason Grilli.

The occasion took me back to the early ‘80s, when the Texas Rangers still played in Arlington Stadium and fans still flocked to Dodger Stadium toting transistor radios — their umbilical cords to Vin Scully since the club’s arrival from Brooklyn in 1958.

The connection?

The Rangers held something similar to a Faith Night. I don’t recall its exact label, but the promotion was that fans showing IDs that authenticated their church affiliation got a $2 discount on tickets.

In town covering the Angels for the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, I included in my game notes a throwaway line about the Rangers making up that revenue by charging an extra $2 for atheists.

Days later, I was told — that’s how we found out about things before the Internet, social networks, YouTube — that Vin Scully read that note on the air — and 40,000 people in Dodger Stadium roared in laughter.

Having Vin Scully read any words you wrote would be anybody’s life highlight. Qualifies as mine.


Being quoted by Vin Scully is indeed an honor and one to be proud of.

But I do ask why is it OK to take a “shot” at Atheists? That is also a belief, and one should be entitled to their beliefs as well as anyone who is Catholic, Jewish, Protestant, or even Agnostic. Everyone has a faith in something, even if it doesn’t fit into the normal arenas of thought.

And no, I am not an Atheist.

Grilli was traded shortly thereafter the Angels no lsss. Were his prayers answered?

Larry – Lighten up, Dude! It’s these kinds of things that hammer the blood pressure! Life is to short sometimes. So, go ahead, take a shot at me – Gimme a joke about fat guys, or tired ex-teachers, or loooonnnng suffering Bucco fans who haven’t had to cringe, plug their ears, close their eyes, and go “La la la la la la la la” for the first time in two decades when folks start talking about favorite ball teams.

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