The Bucs are asking for it — will Santa deliver?

Turns out, baseball folk are NOT the men who have everything, so it isn’t at all hard to shop for them. Like everyone else, they have registered at Santa’s Workshop, and we got a peek at their Wish Lists.

  • Corey Hart: 2012.
  • Clint Hurdle: New right hip [it’s being delivered on Jan. 7].
  • Charlie Morton: 30 starts
  • Francisco Liriano: A full Spring Training
  • Mark Melancon: A new hook [Shark Tank is so 2013] … 
  • Tony Watson: … Line [great pitcher, dry quote] … 
  • Jared Hughes … Sinker [need a DP? Who you gonna call?]
  • Andrew McCutchen: The songs in his head on iTunes
  • Josh Harrison: Deja vu
  • Starling Marte: Name in No. 5 spot — in ink
  • Jung-ho Kang: Outlawing use of “King Kang.” Also “Bucs are so Gung-ho on Kang”
  • Travis Snider: T-Bone Burnett box set
  • Chris Stewart: A homer [it’s been 493 days and 192 at-bats]
  • Francisco Cervelli: Health
  • A..J. Burnett: Another Game 5
  • Gerrit Cole: Chill-pill prescription
  • John Holdzkom: Reunion with his spiritual father, Sidd Finch [Google it]
  • Gregory Polanco: New walk-up music, hopefully with some rhythm
  • Pedro Alvarez: BHD [Barmes Homing Device] for his arm
  • Neil Walker: Defensive metrics used as kindling for the Christmas bonfire
  • Jordy Mercer: More southpaws
  • Antonio Bastardo: Not to be inglorious
  • Jeff Locke: Two halves=Whole
  • Buccos Nation: More unforgettable nights at PNC Park, flaunting that Jolly Roger.

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