Pied Piper of Pirate City … & Let’s Go Hae jeok!

Snapshots and quick shots from Pirate City … 

Clint Hurdle watched the battalion of Korean reporters and camera crews trailing their countryman, and immediately bestowed a nickname of Jung Ho Kang: “Pied Piper.”

The Korean media is not only fawning over Kang, but falling in love with the Bucs. Regard the regalia of MBC’s Sun-shin Kim as she does an on-camera bit with Josh Harrison:

I don’t know how you say “Pied Piper” in Korean. But I do know Pirates is “Hae jeok.”

        Pedro Florimon has the smoothest hands I’ve seen in infield practice. Easy to see how he was able to hold down the Twins’ shortstop job all 2013 while hitting only .221.

        Pedro Alvarez manned first base while infielders took turns firing one-hoppers at his feet. Were they trying to let him know how it felt to be on the receiving end of his throws last season, when he had all those throwing errors from third base? Of course not — it was part of the regular “dig it” drill for first basemen, Alvarez now being one of them.

        I found out Pedro and I do have one thing in common: We’re both Game Show Network junkies.

        Although he will have one of the Majors’ most versatile benches, which would afford him the luxury of at least thinking about it, Hurdle says he has “no” interest in having an eight-man bullpen, as some teams are considering. 

        Gerrit Cole must be one of the few ballplayers not on Twitter. “Just not very interested in that stuff,” he says.

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