Sorry, Charlie, we could see this – and Worley – coming

When everyone — the manager, the GM, the pitchers themselves — said that Jeff Locke and Vance Worley would “both make important starts before the season is over” for the Pirates, they weren’t kidding.

How about before the first weekend of the season is over?

No one can be surprised that Charlie Morton winds up on the DL and Worley will wind up against the Brewers in Milwaukee on Saturday. The only surprise is that Charlie had to return to Florida, from his embarrassing Saturday start in Philadelphia, rather than just stay behind when the Bucs broke camp.

Morton clearly wasn’t yet right, struggling to get comfortable in his delivery post-labrum surgery. Clint Hurdle and Neal Huntington both wanted to believe he could get it in time, but weren’t three strikeouts in 15 1/3 Grapefruit League innings a big enough hint? … 

When he was “sent” to the bullpen, career starter Worley’s one request was to be given “enough time to warm up” if the Pirates needed him. Six days should be long enough. …

I love Andrew Lambo, the guy and the player. Still has a great future, But right now, I’m not sure Pedro Florimon — fantastic leather, speed, switch-hitter — would not have been a better fit on this team. …

Is this going to be a Pirates specialty, surrendering home runs to lightweights?

The last two homers the Bucs allowed in exhibition play were by Baltimore’s Everth Cabrera — 12 career homers in 1,733 at-bats — and by Philadelphia’s Ben Revere — 2 in 1,905 ABs. …

If I were to run down the differences between Barry Zito, who is accepting a Minor League ticket from the A’s simply because he loves playing the game, and guys like Jermaine Dye, who quit it in his prime because he wasn’t being shown enough money, I’d be blue in the face before I was done. … 

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