Rewind: ‘Clean’ Hurdle, Kang gets up to speed

Not passing judgment on Bryan Price. But a good time to point out that in four years of covering Clint Hurdle, I have never heard him utter any profanity.

Neither have umpires. A couple of years ago, a lip-reading expert “transcribed” 20 on-field confrontations that led to ejections. The two involving Hurdle were the only ones that did not involve any profanity. Even when Hurdle gets mad, he remains civil. … 

Now I know why, when asked prior to Monday night’s game whether he shared others’ curiosity and looked forward to his first look at Kris Bryant, Hurdle offered only a curt, “Well, yeah …” …

Have to admit, was surprised when Jung Ho Kang, whose primary Korean billing was as a “great fastball hitter,” cited velocity as the biggest difference in Major League pitchers. In 13 at-bats, Kang has gotten the ball out of the infield three times — a soft single to center for his only hit, and two fly balls. … 

Club officials are still weighing Charlie Morton’s next step on his rehab from labrum surgery,  extended spring game or sim game. Whichever, his target will be 65 pitches. … 

The way their bullpen sets up, the Bucs like their chances in any  game when the starter gives them seven innings. That’s a daily target and, through 13 games, the rotation is in that neighborhood, averaging 6 1/3. … 

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Move Melancon to 6th inning now.
Make Watson setup and Hughes closer.
Lose Lambo and bring up Glasnow.
Cozmo in Orlando

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