The (Tuesday) Rewind, Mysterious Gesture edition

If you thought the Pirates’ Z-for-Zoltan “rallying cry” was odd, consider the new way they dot big hits, the … what is that thing anyway?

“It’s whatever you want it to be. Call it whatever you like,” said a coyly smiling Josh Harrison, credited with first using the gesture teammates have begin to mimic.

How should I describe it? You fully extend one arm, and keep the other bent over it, as if … firing an arrow? Surfing? Trying to hypnotize someone? You’re Moe, looking for Curly’s chin?

“The Zoltan is gone. That’s old. It was time to try something new,” said Andrew McCutchen, who also could not, or would not, define the motion.

By any name, it is a sign of solidarity. Maybe those things work best if you’re the only ones who know what it means. 

Missed in the wake of Francisco Liriano’s Sunday gem in Phoenix: It was his first win in the month of April for the Pirates; in fact, his first in the month since 2011, with the Twins. … 

Is there any good news in Adam Wainwright’s season-ending injury? Actually, yes — it is to his Achilles and not to his right arm, which thus gets an extended rest after making the second-most pitches [10,222] since the start of the 2012 season among NL hurlers. Only Cole Hamels has made more. … 

You have to feel for Andrew Lambo, who has hit into a lot of hard outs. At the end of the day, though, he is still 1-for-22, and the Bucs still need more than an .045-hitting fourth outfielder. …

On a possibly related note, switch-hitting Steve Lombardozzi is batting .390, with an on-base percentage of .455, in Indianapolis, where the infield veteran has spent more time getting comfortable in the outfield. … 

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