The (Sunday) Windup, Mamma Mia edition

The mother of all Pirates lineups:

  • Harrison 2B
  • Kang 3B
  • McCutchen CF
  • Marte LF
  • Hart 1B
  • Mercer SS
  • Rodriguez RF
  • Cervelli C
  • Locke P

Clint Hurdle, on Starling Marte being back in there after leaving last night’s game with “extreme dizziness:” “Couldn’t put a finger on (what caused) it. We filled him up with straw and are sending him back out there. We’re off to see the Wizard.” … 

Dugout conversation in the sixth inning Saturday night:

Co-bench coach Dave Jauss: “Who should I get ready to (pinch) hit for (pitcher Rob) Scahill?”

Hurdle: “You need to tell Scahill to be ready to hit after Mercer hits this grand slam.”

So Hurdle was the only one in the park mad about Jordy Mercer’s bases-loaded double high off the center field wall.

“I had to be the only one ticked off that it didn’t go out,” Hurdle said. “Kind of crazy, huh” … 

Let’s get physical? It’s happening around the second base bag, due to Replay Review, which doesn’t allow for “phantom” plays. “Evidence” is big in reviews, and the harder the better.


“The game’s gotten physical around the bag. You got to stay with tags. In the past, you’d get a slap tag in and get out of town. Now, they hold it while the guy is trying to hold onto the base. You gotta slide better. You’ve got to stick your nose in there and stay with the play — on both sides of it.”…

1 Comment

Great game to take the Cards series! Pitchers hold again.
Go Jung Ho- He’s gotta stay in the lineup. He is earning it just as JHa did last year.
Us baseball guys know all about superstitions and traditions. But, Cutch, please don’t get wierd on us, the screaming-at-the-towel, and the triple Sign-of-the-Cross show lieing on the dugout floor after a lineout is getting a bit much.
Take two aspirin, trust your swing, and hit singles for two weeks, and you’ll be fine…..

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