The (Monday) Windup, 10K run edition

We are grateful every day. This day, we just take the time to express it. …

Designating Radhames Liz and his $1 million contract for assignment — rather than optioning out someone like Rob Scahill and his $517,500 minimum — again shows these aren’t  your father’s Bucs. …

Liz was hardly a disaster — although 10 walks in 17 1/3 innings were a concern — but he became a two-time victim of Charlie Morton’s return: Bucs needed his roster spot; and Vance Worley moving to pen gave the Bucs one too many to fill the same long relief role. …

Tonight’s lineup:

  • Harrison 3b
  • Polanco rf
  • McCutchen cf
  • Marte lf
  • Walker 2b
  • Alvarez 1b
  • Cervelli c
  • Mercer ss
  • Morton p

No team in recorded history (baseball’s began in 1900) has had its starting pitchers register 10-plus strikeouts in four straight games. Morton steps up tonight against Miami in the wake of Gerrit Cole, A.J. Burnett, Francisco Liriano. Morton has only one career double-digit Ks game — but it came last June 25, in Florida (against the Rays, though). … 

With the Marlins in town for three, the Pirates can perpetuate a curious trend. The Bucs are 8-2 against teams from the other two NL divisions, and only 12-16 versus the Central. …

If they don’t man-up against division foes, does it ruin chances for a third straight postseason appearance? Not necessarily — the Bucs finished 36-40 against Central teams last season. … 

What?! Josh Bell has been released? Yeah, but not that one: The San Diego version, a 28-year-old third baseman, got his papers from the Padres earlier today. …

Today’s Numb-er:

Couple of guys last week hit their fifth homers since the start of last season.

  • Former AL batting champ Joe Mauer got his in 610 at-bats.
  • Giants pitcher Madison Bumgarner got his in 85 at-bats.

Said the one-time overpowering right-hander who had to reinvent himself to again dominate, “As time goes on, you find different ways to get outs. You come to grips you are not the same guy you once were. … Obviously it was an ego thing. No one wants to believe his stuff will diminish. … I have come to grips with the pitcher I am this year.”

A.J. Burnett? Not this time. That’s Tim Lincecum, who got the message eight years earlier than Burnett. …


What a great run. Excellent play by all.
Of course Clint can’t say it, of course JHa wouldn’t admit to it in his post game interview the other day, but Jung Ho is singlehanded authored this 180 degree turnaround. He knocked on JHa’s, Jordy’s, and Neil’s door with the message “HIT OR RIDE THE PINES”.
Luckily Clint finally got it…..
Kang continues… Bucco MVP so far this year, for many reasons!!

Dear Clint,
PLEASE! How many times are you going to pull a dominating starter after 6 or 7 innings to turn it over to a bullpen who throws it away?! LEAVE THEM IN UNTIL THEY START TO FALTER!
This pitch count business has gone TOO FAR!
Strike 1- Liriano gets pulled after 6 scoreless innings with 11 strikeouts and retiring the first three batters in the 6th.
Strike 2- Scahill the choice to close.
Strike 3- Scahill not pulled after a lead off walk, and throwing it away on the subsequent sac bunt. You ride HIM in to a walk off grand slam!!
Love ya Clint, but either you, the front office, or both have already cost this team several games this year. And admitting to it does not help.
Tighten it up and leave your pitchers in, both starters and relievers, until they falter, if they do!

Really?! Pull Liriano and leave Locke in to give up 7 in the first 4 innings?! With hardly a visit to the mound?!
No wonder our hitters were crushed.
Another management loss.

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