The (Friday) Windup, starters rule edition

Quite a phenomenon has been overlooked in the wake of the 11-out-of-13 run the Pirates brought into Turner Field: Their starting pitchers earned all 11 of those wins and, in fact, have received credit for the Bucs’ last 14 victories, since May 11.

Stuff like that just doesn’t happen in this bullpen era. The fact none of those have been complete games attests to the efficiency of Buccos relievers, but manager Clint Hurdle also credited his offense — still not firing on all gears, but at least early and timely.

“It’s been our best offensive spurt of the year as well. You’ve gotta get your starters some runs to put them in that position,” Hurdle said. “The magic number for any team is four (runs), and we’ve been able to put up a lot of fours the last two weeks.”

In each of the last 11 wins, in fact. … 

Former Buccos closer Jason Grilli, now doing his thing for the Braves, exchanged a pre-game hug with A.J. Burnett and told him, “I should be retiring … you’re having a helluva season, man.” … 

Hurdle explained to reporters this afternoon why he finds himself out of the loop with other sports during baseball season:

“When I multi-task, I’m multi-mediocre.” … 

It follows, then, that tonight’s Pirates lineup had his undivided attention:

  • Polanco RF
  • Marte LF
  • McCutchen CF
  • Walker 2B
  • Kang 3B
  • Alvarez 1B
  • Cervelli C
  • Mercer SS
  • Morton P

Friday is National Doughnut Day. That means Vance Worley, who consumed two doughnuts prior to every start but now is in the bullpen, should still be ready. … 


Clint still cannot control his addiction to incessant pitching changes. How do you pull Hughes after an 11 pitch shutout eighth?!

At the Sunday 6/7 morning meeting of I IPCA (Incessant Pitching Changers Anonymous):
A manager with no team markings stands up in front of the room populated by MLB, Minor League, Federation, American Leigon, and Colt League managers and coaches.
“Good morning. My name is Clint Hurdle. And I am an Incessant Pitching Changer.”
The coaches envelop him with a warm hug of concern and total understanding.
Their advice: “One day at a time. Start fighting it at this afternoon’s game in Atlanta!”
Of course, with Cole on the bump, day 1 of recovery could be a bit easier….

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