The (Wednesday) Rewind, Deja Vu edition

For a couple innings Wednesday night, the heads of some older baseball fans were exploding with deja vu thoughts. In the fourth, When Melky Cabrera was called for catcher’s interference for stepping in front of Francisco Cervelli as Adam Eaton was swiping second — resulting in both White Sox being called out — it kept Jose Abreu’s ensuing single from resulting in a run.
When Jeff Locke finished putting up that zero and then added another, the shutout string of Pirates pitchers reached 35 and they were also within four frames of a sixth shutout in seven games, forging into historic territory.
The circumstances were so eerily similar to those in 1968 that enabled Don Drysdale to break Walter Johnson’s record for consecutive innings pitched. In the ninth inning on May 31, 1968, with the bases loaded, the Dodgers’ Drysdale hit Dietz of the Giants — of course! – with a pitch. But — umpire Harry Wendelstedt ruled that Dietz had not tried to get out of the way, and waved off the run-scoring  HBP.
Big D finished off his fifth consecutive shutout, went on to beat Johnson’s record of 56 scoreless innings, and didn’t stop until 58 (since, Orel Hershiser has pushed that mark to 59). … 
Oh, the Bucs did extend to 37 innings another streak of not having an opposition runner on third base — ‘cause Eaton and Cabrera both ran through it on their way to scoring from second. Duh. … 
After the game, I tried to congratulate Mark Melancon on his 20th consecutive save conversion, and for continuing to lower his ERA, now down to 1.93. He had no idea what I was talking about. Seriously.
“I don’t know. I really don’t,” he said of his developing stats. “I don’t pay attention to it. I don’t really like to know. I feel good, the bullpen’s been doing well, keeping leads … that’s all that matters.” … 
We’ve been doting on the starters, for putting up an 0.55 ERA in the course of the seven-game winning streak. The relievers, as the saying goes, ain’t been chopped liver — 0.90 across the same stretch. … 
Well, pigs did not fly. But the Cardinals did lose on a night the Pirates won. Close enough. …

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