The (Saturday) Windup, “28-K Runup” edition

This late-afternoon’s pitching matchup could be of historic proportions. It may be impossible to actually research, but wonder how many times starters faced each other off 28 punchouts in their previous starts?

Washington’s Max Scherzer fanned 16 in his one-hitter Sunday against the Brewers. The next day, Francisco Liriano whiffed 12 in eight innings against Detroit. Furthermore, each had only one walk in the gem. So it could be quite a show, although Clint Hurdle offered a familiar caveat:

“That’s the beauty of the game: We have an idea of what will happen, but how many times does that play out? Enjoy, watch and learn. It should be a good match up, but we’ll see where it goes.” … 

Bryce Harper (hammy) is back in the Nationals’ lineup, and this is how the Bucs will confront Scherzer:

Liriano will have to introduce Harper to his wicked slider. The two have never met before. …

Gregory Polanco “just had the wind knocked out of him” according to Hurdle in that collision with the right-field wall. … 

Hurdle also called attention to the fact Polanco grounded into his first double play — on his 248th plate appearance — when he hit a grounder right to the second base bag in the seventh inning of Friday night’s game. …

The “stomach discomfort” that had Neil Walker out of the lineup for a fourth straight day actually is some abdominal tightness, painful and doubtless a little disconcerting to the second baseman: Exactly a year ago, he was on the DL after abdominal discomfort led to an emergency appendectomy. Thankfully, you can have your appendix removed only once. …


What did I miss? I thought Jeff Branson was fired!
What’s it gonna take to get a hitting coach who can teach the Bucs how to hit good pitchers?! A perfect game?!
Lucky for Branson Tabata let the pitch hit him. A wierd sort of job security!

OK, here we go: Rx for any possible Pirates success:
1. We have great defensive speed and assets.
2. We will always smack around 3,4, and 5 hole rotation pitchers.
3. We have a great rotation, but if they have to pitch defensively all Summer because of no hitting against 1 and 2 hole pitchers, they will gas in August/September.
4. Get rid of Jeff Branson, for good, immediately! He has NO GAME! Get a Searage caliber hitting coach before you sign your next top player.
5. Put Alvarez on the bench for a while, and Walker on the DL. Include counseling sessions. Try Bob Rotella.
6. Start a 6 man rotation including Worley. Pitch them longer if they are on, and put less pressure on the Pen.
7. Give Cutch a rest no matter what he says. He is fighting his knee, and he is tired.
Although our recent record has been great, we have a long way to go to get through St Louis, Washington, LA, San Fran, and Chicago to get to the World Series.
Tom, please send these recommendations to management, so we can all stop fanning our butts with brick! XO, Cozmo

Tabata sucks. Period.

Hi Tom! Keep up the good work!
Cozmo is right on all fronts.
And there is no question Tabata worked to have that pitch hit him. Watch his eyes in the replay. He looked the ball all the way to his elbow, which he moved down and in to get clipped. He is classless, street.

Fun game to watch v Reds. Great pitching, great D, great 4th!
But let’s not forget we have still scored 3 runs in the last 35 of 36 innings.
Is Branson still working there?!

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