Sunday windup: Bats now shouldering the load

When the Pirates were going through that mid-June run of fabulous pitching — 8 wins with three-runs-or-fewer in a span of 11 games — we kept saying that when the arms inevitably falter, it will be up to the bats to do the heavy-lifting.


Well, it’s happening now.

The Bucs have won three straight home games while allowing four-plus runs. That doesn’t happen often in PNC Park, a pitchers’ stronghold. The last time the Pirates did this was on Aug. 28-30, 2006, when they outscored the Cubs 28-21 during a three-game sweep. …

Speaking of sweeps, the Bucs will be going for their 11th of the season in today’s series finale with the Dodgers. The last time they had as many was, of course, in 1992, with 12; and they had 13 series sweeps in 1991. … 

And speaking of things balancing out: Pirates reliever have picked up 10 of the team’s 17 wins since July 6; up to that point, with the starters having dominated, the bullpen had a total of nine of the Bucs’ 47 wins. … 

With Friday night’s win in 10 innings over L.A., the Pirates remarkably evened their record in extra inning games at 7-7. Why remarkable? They lost their first six overtime affairs. … 

Similarly, that win improved their walk-off record to 7-8; the Bucs had lost their first eight walk-off affairs. … 


Locke weak.
Cutch, did you have bad fish for dinner?! Poor on both sides of the ball, the difference of the game.
Please work with Ray Searage on long toss.
Your throw to the plate totally bit it.

So, after the All Star break, we are 12-11. Cards are 19-7.
JHa, Mercer, Burnett, and now Marte out. Liriano with on and off problems.
And the one guy we would benefit from being out, Pedro, is still in there.
Cubs are now barking up our butts.
Clint, it only gets harder from here. No more being the ethereal, player’s manager if you want to make the playoffs. Make the hard decisions. Mattingly does.
Seat Pedro. Get a hitting coach, help and coach Ramirez, take flagging starters out earlier.
The next 6 weeks will require better management and coaching. Regardless if we win the division or not, the road to the World Series will take us through St Louis.
Please win tonight!

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