Morning cup: The best modern Bucs team ever?

From the pits to the pinnacle, in a three-year flash? These Bucs could very well pull it off.

Could this be the best Pirates team, in terms of wins, of the modern era — for present purposes, “modern” being since Thomas Edison, the Steve Jobs of his time, gave the first demonstration of motion picture with sound, in 1910?

Short answer: Yes.

Longer explanation:

The 1979 World Champs and the 1991 Division Champs both posted 98 victories, the franchise high since the original Naughts — the 1909 and 1903 Bucs won 110 and 103, respectively.

To get to 99, today’s Pirates will have to play .636 ball (28-16) the rest of the way.

Sound tough? Well, they have been playing .652 ball the last three months, going 58-31 since May 9.

Paces tend to lie even more often than some statistics, so it may not happen. But is is a very real possibility — and only three seasons after the end of that losing cycle, a remarkable testament to Bob Nutting, Neal Huntington, Clint Hurdle and a clubhouse-full of players pulling on the same end of the rope.


I enioyed reading this ultra-informative piece. This year’s team has provided a generation worth of memorable franchise moments–and even though I can truly say that the team from my teenage years (1990, 91 and 92) will always be my favorite Pirates team, I am convinced that this year’s team is better. Of course we all realize that we could easily find ourselves in 3rd place by this time next week. It is hard to believe that as good as we’ve played, a cold spell could prevent us from even going to the playoffs. The biggest difference between now and 1991 is that we had no doubt back then we were playoff bound, now its not as much a sure thing. Not to mention that our entire hopes for a world championship will likely come down to facing Arietta or Bumgarner in one game in Oct. Baseball needs to change the wildcard to at least 3 games because the best team in the league doesnt always win game 1.

As I’ve said to you since my comments at the beginning of the year, the Jung Ho Kang School of Player Development is still in session. And he turned up the heat with two homers last night.
Clint now has a real dilemma with the left side of the infield. What a great problem to have!
After all these years, what a great time to be a Buccos fan!!!
Cozmo in Orlando is calling a Buccos/Blue Jays World Series here on 8/23/15.

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