Take a year, take a chance

The free-agency bottleneck, in many cases, comes down to this: Most free agents are being offered one-year deals, but they (or their agents) continue to hold out for multi-year contracts.

Given a prevailing I-want-it-and-I-want-it-now attitude, that’s not surprising. But maybe these guys should start playing the baseball market as well as they play the game.
We’re in an economic downturn. Why would you want to accept a multi-year deal at depressed terms? Take one year, go out and produce — then get that multi-year contract in next winter’s hopefully-improved financial climate.
It’s a risk: Injury, diminishing skills (ears burning, Andruw?), increased competition can impact next year’s bargaining power. But the times say that it’s the players’ turn to take the bigger risk.
The risk an unprecedented number of them will take is “holding out” until the season is well under way. That’s fine with general managers who can get a 60-game read on their teams before deciding whether it’s prudent to sign a finishing piece.
Like Toronto’s J.P. Ricciardi, who feels that many of the players still on the market”have made enough money in the game where they can sit it out until the season begins and then get signed if a team has a need.”
Pet peeve (despite the business tone of the above item): References to the baseball “industry.” It’s not a steel mill, it’s a ballpark. Maybe we’re past the point of calling it just a “game,” but it’s still more amusement than work. …
Just wondering: Why is Tuesday the release day for all media? DVDs, CDs, books? Like Joe Torre’s now-much-anticipated tell-some, due to be released on Feb. 3, a Tuesday. …
Want to know why the Manny Ramirez camp is so adamant against accepting that two-year, $45 million deal from the Dodgers? Because Scott Boras promised the player much more in convincing him to get out of those two option years with the Red Sox — which were worth $40 million. …
Speaking of the Red Sox … there is a lot of speculation about the bleak economy’s affect on baseball, but the telltale sign will be whether Boston is able to continue its record sellout streak, at 469 games. And will there be a 4 million gate (both New York teams got there in 2008) for a fifth consecutive season? …

We remember A.J. Burnett dreaming out loud in June: ”If I’d have the opportunity to go to a place where baseball is breakfast, lunch and dinner, that would be awesome.” Well, he’s gone to a place where baseball is also brunch, midnight snack and religion. …

How did Tampa Bay become the Fatima of baseball — as in a site for miracles? First, the Rays. And now the Arizona Cardinals play a Super Bowl there. And isn’t it a case of the pot calling the kettle black for Rays manager Joe Maddon to say of the Cards, “For them to get to the Super Bowl, I don’t think that was really on anyone’s radar.”

Joe, a year ago, not even Doppler could pick up your Rays.


The Red Sox might keep that streak alive. It only took them a couple of extra days to meet the 2 million ticket sales mark as opposed to last year – and then last Saturday was the “mad tickets on sale day” AND a lot of the tickets for select games (read – YANKEES) still haven’t gone on sale yet. Our smaller ball park could be a help this year and the fact that the owners didn’t raise ticket prices.


Ah, so it DOES all come down to being Boras’ fault? Has the man’s greed not surpassed the highest mountain already? Jeesh.

I can tell you that the fans in Tampa Bay had a hint of it during the last homestand in 2007, but not to the level it hit in 2008. We seriously thought maybe 85 wins, 90 if the wind blew right, but never 97 wins and a ticket to the Fall classic.

I am just sorry that we could not pull off the Cinderella story for ESPN and those other doubter for so long in the season so they could jump on the wagon and scream too.

Funny thing is, only Rays pitcher Scott Kazmir predicted the playoffs. And that was during Spring Training in 2008, right before he blew out is elbow and had to sit a few weeks. Or maybe it was just karma finally giving the Rays their due for the 10 years of suffering…………..I want to believe it was Jonny Gome’s and his cheerleading and emotional outbursts.

Rays Renegade


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